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B Seen UK turning a dream into reality. Having the idea since 2007 to make reflective clothing contemporary. The idea came from years of driving on London streets and having some close calls with pedestrians and cyclists. I knew something had to be done and there was a simple solution to keep people safe on the streets. Combined with keeping people safe was our vision of not having to to compromise on fashion and style. Hi vis jackets were defiantly not the answer. With some deep thought I came up with B SEEN UK merging everyday clothing with reflective designs. My aim was to make a range of reflective clothing that not only made people feel comfortable wearing but also keeps them safe on our streets. B SEEN UK not only can be worn cycling, running or other sports pursuits but also can worn casually day or night. We hope our simple safe stylish designs go a long way to solving the safe v style conumdrum.

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